OLA Super Conference!

How can a name like that not warrant an exclamation mark?

Off to the full conference on Thursday, with — possibly, I think — a Wednesday night social event. Lots of career resources available, which is fantastic. I’m even up for a mock interview for a faux position — Liaison Librarian, i.e. my dream job at present — in an academic library. Cover letter and CV go out today; interview is on Thursday. I’m looking forward to how I work in my hard and soft skills, including transferable skills from my time in book publishing and Ryerson, where I teach a course in the publishing program, an average of one semester a year, through Blackboard.

I gained some useful information from the Mississauga Public Library HR people about five core competencies they look for in a successful applicant. They can absolutely apply anywhere, I think, but I have the information profession on my mind:

  1. Leadership
  2. Strategic Agility
  3. Business Acumen
  4. Innovation
  5. Accountability

I honestly believe I have all of these in spades, plus instructional experience. Not often I’d be quite that assured but it helps to see things set out so plainly when I’m assessing my own abilities. Now to make sure that comes across in the cover letter, CV, and how I present myself at an interview.


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