In my role as temporary stringer, I’ve written a few news articles for the University of Guelph-Humber home page — mostly student profiles, student/faculty reflections on events and study tours, that sort of thing. This one, which is likely my last one, is my favourite. It’s an interview with a woman who is starting at Guelph-Humber in the fall who just won a photo contest; new students were invited to send in a “reaction shot” from when they received their offer of admission in the mail and hers was the winning entry. I loved it:


See? Cute!

One thing shines through the entry and her interview answers: Jaime is just so happy to be heading to school. Who knows if she’ll avail herself of our services; who knows how things will go for her once she’s here but honestly? It was such a pleasure to interview someone who made what is possibly her first big steps towards the future she imagines for herself. Having done that over 20 years ago (and having done it again two years ago for a different future), I’m reminded of the feeling you get when you see nothing but possibility.

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