Metrics and mind melds

December 2012 was the Month of Professional Development: I attended a public safety workshop which was sobering but useful, a team-building workshop using Insights, also sobering but useful, and two-day mental health first aid course which, yep, sobering but useful.

Man, those psychometric tests are disturbingly accurate at times. I will say that I much prefer the DiSC model, which uses considerably kinder, more constructive terminology. Does that say something about my personality? These things are such Möbius strips…

Anyhow, January’s shaping up to be a bit more library-specific: today I’m exploring the ADDIE instructional design model in preparation for a session at the OLA Super Conference at the end of the month. I’m also preparing a full guest lecture for a collections development course at the University of Toronto. The professor has requested that it be lecture-heavy which is not only going to kill my voice it’s bound to be a drag for students. Unfortunately there’s not much to be done; the professor indicated that the course curriculum is so crammed that time is too short to have time in class to apply knowledge. Maybe I’ll issue a blanket apology at the outset. I will post the slides, after: I’ll be discussing different types of publishers with a focus on Canadian publishing in particular. Good groundwork for a possible panel at the SHARP conference in June.

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