Cogent analysis of subject hierarchy? Nah.

So, I typed “moody” into the keyword search area in Ovid Medline, leaving ‘map to subject terms’ selected. Some time ago, and I’m pretty sure it was Ovid’s PsycINFO, this term mapped almost immediately to “bipolar.” Which I thought was pretty excellent; it’s a great feature that as far as I know is not available through PubMed or ProQuest interfaces.

Anyhow, I keyed in “moody” and expected ‘bipolar’ and the like to pop up as a subject term as well, but no: among other more science-y things I got “Premenstrual Syndrome” and … “Libraries.”

I should take the time to figure out how Ovid and MeSH would explain that one but sometimes it’s nice just to stay ignorant but amused.


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