Well, that’s what I see.

I am now a liaison librarian (hurray!), which means part of my job is to provide in-class IL instruction. Last week, I gave my very first session (at least my first in a non-interview setting) for a course on classical mythology. This is an elective but, as we don’t have any humanities programs here, my audience was primarily health sciences and business students, many of whom have probably never had post-secondary exposure to anything like this.

Taking a bit of a non-humanities approach to a humanities subject was a great exercise for me. And, mindful that this was also my first time teaching in general, I was eager know how they felt.

The professor was very happy with the session, which is fantastic. And I was delighted to get positive feedback from students through our evaluation forms and feedback from a few students who took the time to write further comments on the back.

Here’s my favourite:


…I’ll admit it took a bit of work for me to decipher this. (Those are some serious kerning issues.)  But, as long as “good,” “learned a lot,” “welcoming,” and “thank you for the support” are in fact the words that this student used, I am super-pleased.


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